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Welcome to Miramar Retreat Center! We are calling all people to discipleship and transformation.

2015 Miramar Retreat Brochure


Download your copy of our 2015 Retreat Brochure:

"Calling All People To God's Dream"



Spiritual Thought for the Day…

Humarock buoys What in the world are you waiting for? During this Advent season before Christmas you are invited to examine your life prayerfully and see what it is that is truly worth your wait. What do you anticipate for in your life? What do you hope for? What’s worth waiting for, even for all eternity? We wait for many things, many people, in many different ways. We wait in rush hour traffic, in grocery lines, for a telephone call from a friend, for the results of medical tests. How we wait is vitally important. We can wait being frustrated and anxious, or we can wait expectantly and hopefully. What is the quality of your waiting for your heart’s greatest desire? Do you know what it is?

Spirituality Brochure “Spirit Roots”

“Spirit Roots”, is designed to help deepen your spirituality for today’s challenges. Inspirational, it is there to help you get a hold of what is most important in your life

Download your copy of Spirit Roots.

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