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Welcome to Miramar Retreat Center! We are calling all people to discipleship and transformation.

2015 Miramar Retreat Brochure


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"Calling All People To God's Dream"



Spiritual Thought for the Day…

storm recedes, sun risingNew beginnings. A chance for second chances, new changes, a fresh look at our lives. The new year will do this to us!  We are conscious of time and its effect on our lives and perceptions of ourselves and others. We're not getting any younger!  We are invited with this new beginning to look at ourselves and how we have come to this moment. How much have we allowed God into our lives, our decision-making, our plans? Is our spiritual journey consistent and persistent, or are we still making new year's resolutions that make up or catch up in our lives with all the guilt that this might imply? Is our obsession with new year's resolutions just an admission that we haven't consistently committed ourselves to our own spiritual formation during the course of the last year? If so, make one last resolution to throw out all resolutions and make a plan to discern how to spiritually uplift yourself on a regular basis during this coming year. New beginnings mean old endings and starting over again. That's spiritually refreshing to be given another chance!  God's like that!  

Spirituality Brochure “Spirit Roots”

“Spirit Roots”, is designed to help deepen your spirituality for today’s challenges. Inspirational, it is there to help you get a hold of what is most important in your life

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