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Welcome to Miramar Retreat Center! We are calling all people to discipleship and transformation.

New to retreats?

Welcome, and thanks for checking us out!  More lay people than ever are making time in their lives for retreats, and finding themselves deeply rewarded.  While a few of our retreats are tailored for those who have taken religious vows, in general our retreats are open to the lay public.  You can come for a day, soak in some of the holy, healing energy here, or come for a week and find yourself powerfully renewed.  Religious and lay spiritual directors or counselors are often available, and while Miramar is a Catholic retreat center, you don't need to be Catholic to come.  We ask that you register in advance for the retreat you choose.  If you can't fit one in with your commitments, call us and reserve a private day of prayer on your schedule.  We'll gladly serve you lunch, along with a generous helping of peace. You'll find as you peruse our site that not all retreats have detailed descriptions.  Many past retreatants have felt glad, after their retreats, that there was some mystery laden in what awaited them.  But still, don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

Spiritual Thought for the Day…

Warming the Winter Blues

Shorter days making longer our longings. This is what the spiritual winter blues can do for you. In the colder season we warm up our deepest longings for what really matters in this one and only brief life of which we are the stewards. In the colder season we find another reason to search and long and wait. It's more difficult doing things now and we are invited to go inside to drink a cup of tea, a hot coffee or cocoa and yes, go inside ourselves spiritually to warm up our occasional coldness, indifference or reticence to open up to God's desire for us. You are invited at this time to put aside your busyness, at least for this moment, and disconnect from what distracts you from the essentials, and reconnect with life, love, forgiveness and generous and heartfelt joy. Don't think about it! Get a hold of your life. Let God in!
Fr. Tom Umbras

Coming up soon…

Miramar's annual Romantic Evening for Couples: February 13th6-9:30pm. Wine and cheese are followed by an elegant dinner prepared by our own staff. Following dinner there will be a presentation by Fred and Diane L'Ecuyer and Fr. Tom Griffith: "When I First Met You," all for $95 a couple. Reserve your spot by 2/9.

Reserve via this link!

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