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Welcome to Miramar Retreat Center! We are calling all people to discipleship and transformation.

2015 Miramar Retreat Brochure


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"Calling All People To God's Dream"



Spiritual Thought for the Day…

autumn The days are getting shorter. Once in a while a cooler breeze massages our face and we sense that another time is coming, the changing of the guard, another season with its changes. Some of us like the change of pace, the diversity of seasons, the transition that keeps us on our toes and invites us to go beyond our routines and usual patterns of seeing ourselves and life. Some of us are hesitant, hanging on to the tried and true season, but there is something that is in the air, a new expectancy, a wonder of what could be. Maybe this in-between season invites us to explore dull patterns in our lives that make our lives seem boring, conventional, too safe and secure. Maybe we are being called by God to step out of our controlled way of life and let the freedom of newness, of surprise catch us off guard and carry us to a new horizon, a new perspective, or a new insight. Can you feel the new season? Maybe you will and feel thankful!

Spirituality Brochure “Spirit Roots”

“Spirit Roots”, is designed to help deepen your spirituality for today’s challenges. Inspirational, it is there to help you get a hold of what is most important in your life

Download your copy of Spirit Roots.

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