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Welcome to Miramar Retreat Center! We are calling all people to discipleship and transformation.

2015 Miramar Retreat Brochure


Download your copy of our 2015 Retreat Brochure:

"Calling All People To God's Dream"



Spiritual Thought for the Day…

sailing away Here it is in the middle of the year, the middle of summer, and I can't help thinking: where has all the time gone? Time, elusive, pervasive, defining of our personal and collective histories. We run after time; we run out of time; we need a time-out! This great gift of time is given us to receive, to use, to donate to others. Time has its meaning when we give time to others for their sakes. It becomes consecrated time when we are totally present to God and others that God sends to us. Time is our presence made holy when we give it away for the sake of Someone Greater than ourselves!  

Spirituality Brochure “Spirit Roots”

“Spirit Roots”, is designed to help deepen your spirituality for today’s challenges. Inspirational, it is there to help you get a hold of what is most important in your life

Download your copy of Spirit Roots.

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