Joe Bisson, SVD, MA

I began my journey to be a priest here at Miramar in 1949 when it was a minor seminary.  After completing high school I continued on in my quest for the priesthood for ten more years being ordained in early 1963, in a class of 22 priests.  I was assigned to work as a missionary in New Guinea. The other 21 members of my ordination class were assigned to countries all around the globe.  Another year was spent completing a fabulous education with a Master’s degree in Education, in Washington, DC. I arrived in New Guinea in 1964.  For the next 53 years I was a busy missionary as parish priest and educator, returning to the USA in 2017.  Now I am based at Miramar, taking part in the many activities of this busy spiritual power house.

Mary-Fran Goodell

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Mary-Fran was formerly a part of the Holy Family Parish staff in Duxbury, and now blesses the Miramar community as Registrar.  She loves the opportunity to be able to help with Miramar’s spiritual mission of peace and new beginnings.   She lives in Duxbury and has three beautiful daughters.  She enjoys the beach, golfing, reading and spending time with her family, and is thankful for the many blessings God has given her.

Maureen Casey, SND - Staff

Maureen Casey, SND

Program Coordinator, Spiritual Director

Maureen Casey SND has been involved in spiritual direction and retreat ministry for over 25 years. She is the program coordinator of Miramar Retreat Center and is co-directing an eight month weekly Spiritual Direction Internship Program in Brighton, MA. She enjoys sharing the wisdom of the women in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures as well as the mystics in the Christian tradition.

Donald Champagne, SVD, BA - Staff

Donald Champagne, SVD, BA

Music and Liturgy

I have been a Divine Word missionary brother for 54 years. After years of teaching music and in formation at the high school seminary and college level, I was assigned as music director of the Miramar Retreat Center in 1991. During those years I was also appointed director and superior of the religious community at Miramar for a term of six years. I do volunteer work with those living with HIV/AIDS and minister to the elderly who live in nursing homes or are homebound.

Joseph Connolly, SVD, MA - Staff

Joseph Connolly, SVD, MA

Retreat Facilitator, Spiritual Director
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Coming back to Miramar in the year 2000 was a homecoming that began when I first arrived here in 1946 as a high school freshman to begin my journey to the missionary priesthood in the SVD.  After ordination in 1960, God granted me a long and satisfying odyssey with 16 years as a pioneer in a newly opened mission located in the northern territories of Ghana, West Africa.  Another 17 years passed working out of our generalate offices in Rome.  It was a time which gave me the opportunity to visit and live with missionaries in many different countries of Africa and Asia, a time to welcome some of these same missionaries to our house for spiritual renewal and theological updating located in Nemi, Italy, just a few miles from the summer home of the Pope.  The odyssey continues today as the retreat ministry is in a real sense to be a fellow pilgrim with others on their own journey of faith.

Thomas Griffith, SVD

Thomas Griffith, SVD, MBA

Center Director, Retreat Facilitator
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Fr. Tom Griffith, SVD, ordained in 1969, came to Miramar in 2003. Fr. Tom serves as Director.  He also coordinates the fund raising efforts for the retreat center, particularly “Some Enchanted Evening”, held each August and “Miles for Miramar”, a springtime effort.  Before coming to Miramar, he served for ten years as business manager at Techny Towers, the SVD Conference Center in Techny, Illinois. He is the coordinator of the Marriage Preparation program. He also works in marriage ministry at Miramar, day events and weekend programs.

Joanne Lane - Staff

Joanne Lane

Office Staff
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Bookkeeper at Miramar Retreat Center has been my position for 23 years, including many administrative jobs.  I have worked thirty years in finance and very much enjoy what I do. Miramar has allowed me to meet many wonderful people and to also work with a great staff. I enjoy helping others and sharing my compassion. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have two great children, a beautiful grandson and a golden retriever. Living on the south shore my entire life, I realize the beauty we have here. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, cooking, traveling and my home.

Peru Dayag, SVD

Bob Johnson, SVD

Edward Tetteh, SVD

Fr. Tom Umbras, SVD - Staff

Fr. Tom Umbras, SVD

Spiritual Director, Retreat Facilitator
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My journey humbly began from the lake country of Michigan and travelled into unexpected pathways. I am a Divine Word Missionary who has received a fantastic education and formation which has led me to dedicate myself to specializing in Latino cultures in East Los Angeles, Chicago, Bolivia, Paraguay and Mexico. I have a Master’s Degree in Religious Education and Communications, which I had dedicated for several years to the production of radio, television, video and print resources in service of the Hispanic and African-American communities. Having been sent to the missions overseas, I returned to dedicate myself to the “inner mission” of “putting out deeper” and inviting others to join the dance!