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Founder of the Society of the Divine Word, St. Arnold Janssen
Founder of the Society of the Divine Word, St. Arnold Janssen

Our Mission here at Miramar Retreat Center:

• Called by our God
• Empowered by the Word
• Animated by the Spirit




Miramar Retreat Center is run under the auspices of the Society of the Divine Word. It is directed by a group of women and men collaborating in service and celebration with all races and cultures, by:

• Hearing and proclaiming the Word of God
• Calling all people to discipleship through  continuing conversion
• Responding prophetically to the signs of  the times

There are approximately ten thousand priests, Brothers, and Sisters, coming from over 60 countries who are members of the international, interracial, intercultural family of St. Arnold Janssen. St. Arnold’s family consists of three religious congregations founded by him between 1875 and 1896 at Steyl, Holland. Together they now form the third largest religious family of missionaries in the Catholic Church working throughout the world. They are pastors, catechists, educators, experts in communications, seminary formators, professionals, agriculturists, researchers, scholars, architects, doctors and social consultants. Their life and mission is summed up in the prologue of the rule of life for Divine Word Missionaries:

“In response to the call of the Holy Spirit and the needs of peoples, St. Arnold Janssen founded our Society as a missionary community. We see our special dedication to the Divine Word and his mission expressed in our name. His life is our life, his mission our mission. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we follow him, glorifying the Father and bringing the fullness of life to others. Wherever the church sends us, we are to proclaim the gospel so that all peoples may walk in the way of salvation, freed from the darkness of sin by the light of the Word and the Spirit of grace. Missionary work is, therefore, the end and aim of our Society. All our activities, diverse though they be, are ultimately intended to help the church fulfill its missionary tasks.”

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